We continually seek  to anticipate, understand and excel in satisfying customers’ needs and expectations, throughout the relationship with our (potential) customers.
After 90 years of uninterrupted activity in the field of steel structures, we are reaching now a strong expertise in manufacturing:

  • Technological equipment for metallurgical and ferrous metallurgy industry;
  • Equipment for power industry;
  • Technological equipment for chemical, petrochemical  and petroleum industry;
  • Equipment for earth moving machines;
  • Environmental Protection;
  • Different types of steel structures.

      The execution and inspection of these structural steelworks are mainly in compliance with European/ International Standards and Regulations, but we also work in accordance with the requirements of specific American Standards.

      The processes are planned and controlled in order to ensure the conformity to customer requirements / projects (we realize the manufacturing documentation based on the received projects.).

      The product realization in accordance with the execution specification is ensured by carrying out the work with the necessary skill/qualification and adequate equipment and resources.

      We dispose of the prerequisites for working with non-alloy and alloy steels as well as stainless steels.








1 Casing/Siemens Austria Casing from carbon steel, pinsfrom stainless steel, mineral wooland liners from stainless steel
2 Stack/Doosan-GE Korea

7 m diameter

60 m height

3 Discharge elbow/UCMR Romania 4 m diameter
4 Diffusers/Kaefer Raco Germany 8 m diameter; Casing from carbonsteel, pins from stainless steel,mineral wool and liners fromstainless steel
5 Filter house/Kaefer Raco Germany 12,5m x 2,5 m x 2,5 m
6 Diverter/NEM Power System Germany 8,5 m x 8,5 m x 6,5 m
7 Stator frame/Voest Alpine Austria 2,7 m diameter
8 Shaft/ Neuson Ecotec Austria

4 m length

950 mm diameter

9 Piping/TMP Italia Duplex
10 Pump connector/TMP Italy Carbon steel and duplex
11 Top hat 4 m diameter
12 Dampers/ NEM Power System Germany Stack damper - 9 m diameter
13 Dampers / NEM Power System Germany Rectangular damper 9m x 6 mwith 8 blades
14 Expansionsjoints/ Eagle Burgmann Denmark Up to 7 m diameter

Inlet plenum/

Aalborg Engineering Denmark

Material 3Cr12

Outlet plenum/

Aalborg Engineering Denmark

Material 3Cr12
17 Tanks; Air blowpiping / Metka –GE Greece 6 m diameter; stainless steel
18 Casing forbreaker / SBMM PAustria 9m x2m x 2,5 m
19 Bunkers andsilos/ Teka Germany 24 m x 4 m x 3 m
20 Machined parts /SBM-MP Austria ---
22 Press / RAT Germany 250 tf
23 Spiral case /Andritz Carbon steel
24 Cooling system /Doosan 6 m diameter
25 Cooling pipes / CSResita 2 m diameter, 8 m length
26 Plenums / Drever Carbon steel and stainless steel
27 Pelletizing disc /Outotec 7 m diameter
28 Radial fans / TLT Siemens 2,5 m diameter
29 Body pumps;discharge elbow /TMP Carbon steel and stainless steel

30 Chassis andblades / Wacker Neuson 5, 6, 12 to
31 Different type ofequipment / CMI ---


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